Fairy Fashion Pink Paris Poodle Tutu Set

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This new, "PINK PARIS POODLE" design, was so much fun to create!. The PINK PARIS POODLE is made with soft pink, lavender and white tulle. A pink flower headband with a lavender bow is included. The white shirt or onesie, has the paris poodle, the eiffel tower and your little ones name. The DESIGN has been machine embroidered and appliqued directly on to the shirt. "It is not an iron on!"

Ocassionally flowers, embellishments, and ribbon may vary due to availability, but substitutions will be of eaqual or greater value. No skimping here!

Please be aware, most of these designs include small peices that may pose a choking hazard. Please supervise your children while they are wearing these items.

Newborn-3 months~14" waist - 6" length
3-6 months - 15" waist - 7" length
6-9 months - 16" waist - 8" length
12-24 months - 17" waist - 9" length
2T- 18" waist - 9" length
3T- 19" waist - 9/10" length
4T- 20" waist - 10/11" length
5T- 21" waist - 11" length
6 years- 22" waist - 11/12" length
Shipping time: Fairy Fashions take 3 weeks to create and be delivered.  If you need a set sooner, please contact us to see if the designer can accomodate your request.